Havana Car

This is relatively an oldie, but definitely a personal favourite. I took this picture while on vacation in Havana Cuba, back in February 2009. It’s one of those cases where the setup and conditions were perfect and all that was needed was a lucky passerby with a camera to capture the moment.

In many ways this picture sums up my entire experience of Havana. Everywhere you walk in the city, it seems that you are traveling back in time – the cars, architecture and people reminiscent of a 1950’s movie.

Shot with my Canon Rebel XTi and Sigma 18-200 F3.5-6.3 lens at ISO 100, F16 at 1/80 sec.


4 thoughts on “Havana Car

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  2. Hi, I love your picture of the Havana car, and Wonder if you please will let me use it to print on canvas. I decorate appartments for sale (am a stylist) and am planning a flat with Cuban theme. Your picture would be perfect. What do you think? I will of Course send you the photographs of the flat later. That could compliment your beautiful blog ☺

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