Sunday breakfast

Nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper over coffee and solving a puzzle or two.

This is my last post at least for the next couple of weeks, as I am heading to Toronto and NYC for my summer vacations. I was never good at packing, but one thing that is definitely in my carry-on is my camera. Definitely looking forward to taking some shots while I am there, and hopefully I can restrain myself from spending a lot of money on new camera accessories! See you all in September!

Shot using my tripod mounted Canon 60D and my Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro lens.


Smoke Photography

One of my favourite websites for photography is the Digital Photography School (DPS). I must admit that most of the inspiration I get is from the wealth of information shared by both professionals and amateurs on this site’s forums.

This past October, I was reading an “Introduction to Smoke Photography” article, written by Amar Ramesh. The pictures posted by Amar were simply stunning and the technique he had used seemed fairly trivial. I was certainly intrigued by how the combination of the element of smoke, with still pictures could create such a dynamic effect. So I gave it a go..I went to a local artwork store, bought myself some black cardboard, spent a couple of hours at home taking some shots and voila!

Coffee Mug Red smoke - c

Smoking cow final - 1920c

If you want to read more on this technique, here is the link to Amar’s article on DPS.