Summer holidays

Summer is in full swing. Time to relax by the beach, swim in the refreshing turquoise Mediterranean waters and enjoy fresh fish under the moonlight. And what better place to enjoy all these, than the beautiful Greek Islands.

Alas, I have different plans this year. Given that I live on an island and I am thus spoiled for choice when it comes to which sunbed I will be lying flat on every weekend, I have decided to spend my summer vacation this year in a more educational manner. I won’t say more; suffice to say however that my camera will get quite a bit of use in the next couple of weeks.

Happy summer holidays everyone!

Pollonia Marina - 1920cPhoto taken in the small village of Pollonia on Milos island. Shot with my tripod mounted Canon 60D and my Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM lens, at ISO 200, F8, at 6 secs.


Limes in Soda

This post is a tribute to the end of summer. For some of my friends in Canada, summer is long gone, but for us lucky people living in the Mediterranean, the bit of mild Winter that we get to experience is just around the corner. No more cold refreshing drinks, and onto hot cups of coffee and tea.

This is my first attempt at a still life picture of a couple of limes in soda. The idea came from an article I read in the Digital SLR Photography magazine that I religiously subscribe to on a monthly basis. For anyone who wants to get more seriously into photography, this is a great magazine to read as it gives dozens of tutorials every month aimed at improving your skills.

For this shot I would have really liked to show the motion of lime splashing into the soda. Unfortunately I don’t really have the equipment for something like that, so I had to settle for something more static.

Taken with my tripod mounted Canon 60D and Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro, at F5.6, 1/15 sec.


This past December, Daria and I spent a weekend in Drousha, near the Akamas Peninsula on the western part of the island. Being so close to Latsi, we decided to head there on Sunday for some fresh fish. After stuffing ourselves with large quantities of food, we decided to take a stroll around the area, when I luckily stumbled upon a bunch of surfboards on the beach side.

This is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture, which is essentially a composite of 3 separate pictures taken at different exposure levels (normal, underexposed, overexposed) and then merged in post-production. I used this technique to exaggerate the boldness of the clouds without sacrificing the detail of my subject. In my mind, I was trying to produce a single image emphasizing the contrast between summer and winter.

Shot handheld with my Canon 60D, Sigma 18-200 F3.5-6.3 lens at 18mm, ISO 100, F9 and bracketed at -2/0/+2.